Two days ago, I went into work just like any other day.  It was my surgery day – my most lucrative day of the week.  Shortly after getting there, I had a sudden wave of intense abdominal pain followed by severe and uncontrollable vomiting.  My practice manager said she would drive me to the hospital. I did not want to go. It wasn’t because I didn’t think it was appropriate. It wasn’t because I thought this would pass and I would be fine. It was because I knew that if I missed my surgery day, I would earn NOTHING for that day and I simply couldn’t afford for that to happen. You see, I work for a corporate and I get paid on production.

I did end up going to the hospital that morning where I was diagnosed with gallstones. Two days later I am back at work—still feeling sick—but still unable to take care of myself for fear of losing more income. If you are an associate veterinarian being paid on production. JUST STOP.  Insist that you get compensated on a deserving and market-related salary.  If they say no, leave the practice. There are plenty of jobs out there with wonderful salaries and benefits and in most cases, sign on bonuses. Don’t let fear force you into the same situation that I am in.  If we all come together, we can change this industry for the better.