I just got back from a vacation in Cabo San Lucas—the first time I have traveled outside the country since COVID. What struck me most was the level of customer service. Everywhere I went the people were attentive, happy to help, and considerate. They took pride in their jobs and the attention to detail was extraordinary. What if the U.S. had this workforce? This is not intended to be a political post and as an immigrant myself, I certainly have no judgement about immigration to the U.S. However, as a business owner, I have to think how refreshing it might be to have a staff of workers who loved showing up to work, who were happy, kind and attentive to my clients. As a consumer, I have to wonder what it might be like if the people I tipped, actually took pride in earning that tip and it was seen as an honor rather than an expectation. When did the American workforce become so complacent and so entitled? How do we get back to those days where having a job is appreciated and putting in a hard day’s work is the standard?